Why Give to Rebuild the Gulf Coast?


Your Support  will help develop newly constructed beach front business locations and multi-family developments that feature renewable energy power generation seamlessly integrated into the exterior of the buildings that dramatically reduces the occupancy costs for the structures.


Proceeds from your Subscription will be used to acquire rights to purchase properties, to engineer storm resistant buildings specific for that property that maximizes renewable energy generation. And is used to support other expenses associated with preparing the crowdfunding property investment materials such as document printing, video presentations, legal and accounting costs.

In the above manner Rebuild the Gulf Coast can build business locations and home sites on locations that are now currently unused in a socially responsible manner. Our proprietary patent pending renewable energy technologies maximize the renewable energy power generation potential of the property


Help Support the production of high quality investment opportunities of real value backed by valuable waterfront real estate with beautiful storm resistant buildings constructed thereon. ; and, will support renewable energy development, and will stimulate business growth in coastal communities; and, will enrich the lives of people who wish to live along the coastline.

Rebuild the Gulf Coast Video Presentation

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Join the effort to rebuild the Gulf of Mexico Coastline from Florida to Texas, featuring storm resistant buildings that feature renewable energy generation from wind, solar and geothermal power. In order to finance this large undertaking, each property will be packaged as an individual crowdfunding campaign and will be sold to investors over the Internet.


Make a Subscription for as little as $5 per month to join  our First Look List Newsletter to gain the right to view the offering that we plan to register as securities (with no obligation to purchase) before they are presented to the public through crowdfunding in accordance with securities laws.


An actual Investment  in securities is subject to Certain Investor Requirements and Restrictions in accordance with both current and pending Securities Laws. No securities are offered herein in any manner; and, there is absolutely no obligation to invest when and if securities are offered.


Rebuild the Coast is reaching out to motivated land owners all along the Gulf of Mexico who want to join in with us to see their property revitalized. We encourage property owners and other interested parties to Contact Us to discuss if we can assist you with your needs.